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A large assortment

Prolight knows everything about lighting and how to improve it. We offer professional lighting equipment at manufacturer's price, we help with the selection, delivery and installation. The catalog contains devices for any requirements and budget for equipping theaters and studios, clubs and discos, concert halls and mobile stage complexes.

The equipment is ideal for equipping various objects, it combines wide functionality, reliability and modern design..

We offer lighting equipment for companies of various profiles. Our devices are used for architectural lighting with static and changing color, studio and stage lighting, equipment for conference rooms and houses of culture.

Correct operation of equipment for your task

The range of lighting equipment with different capabilities, power, color temperature allows you to choose models in accordance with the requirements and tasks. Professional permanent or temporary installation of lighting equipment guarantees correct operation.

We know how important it is to acquire quality lighting for successful spectacular shows, so we sell reliable professional products from classic and other series.

The catalog contains different types and models. The variability of power, color, number of LEDs, DMX channels and operating modes allows you to select a solution for specific tasks for theater stages, film sets, bars and discos, cultural centers. On sale there are ready-made kits of perfectly compatible equipment for small, medium and large halls.

Application of LED PAR spotlights

PAR LED spotlights are used for dynamic filling of the stage space of theaters, concert venues, dance floors. Wide and narrow beam angle, kaleidoscopic change or smoothness of color mixing, brightness adjustment, use in combination with other devices and smoke machines allow you to create impressive lighting.

Advantages of modern LED PAR spotlights
  • Несколько режимов работы.
  • Stroboscope and pulsation effects.
  • Flicker-free and limited on duration of operation.
  • Service life of LEDs from 50 thousand hours.
  • Possibility of floor installation, suspension on a farm, wall mounting, on a rack.

LED PAR spotlights with delivery

Direct deliveries from the warehouse, online sales and fast delivery save the budget. An integrated approach with concept development, design, installation, warranty service makes it possible to act as a general contractor. Accreditation and participation in tenders allow cooperation with government organizations.

Proven Products

We supply lighting equipment for the entertainment industry and architectural lighting. We invite you to buy proven products with which you can to translate into reality non-standard ideas, and which hides great potential behind an affordable price.

We offer reliable devices, we are responsible for quality and provide a guarantee.

Wide range of equipment

Prolight offers professional equipment for spectacular indoor and outdoor productions. We provide an opportunity order and buy spotlights for a stage with a wide spectrum of action, which will help to achieve the desired artistic effect and embody creative ideas for creating light paintings.

LED stage lights are ideal for any application. They allow you to flood the theater or concert venue with bright light, create bath lighting in discos in clubs and receive projections. Great light output, low power consumption and exceptional quality optics determine the demand for equipment. DMX protocol control meets modern standards.

Quality lighting

An important component of recreational activities. When developing a site technical equipment project, it is necessary not only to select a set equipment, but also determine its location and consider placement options. Stage equipment solves the problem of installing and fixing light and sound devices. It is easy to assemble, withstands heavy loads, is used stationary and as part of mobile complexes.

Equipment for indoor and outdoor areas takes care of practical and aesthetic issues. It allows you to install light, sound, scenery, demonstration equipment, simplifies installation and dismantling, maintenance and control of devices.

The equipment is placed singly or in rows on grates and galleries, it can have an adjustable or constant speed. Metal structures are require special decoration and are often used as an element of the original design of the stage space and dance floor.

Rotating light heads

This equipment is capable of full pan and tilt or TILT/PAN. They stand at the top of the lighting hierarchy, have ample opportunities, are indispensable for holding large-scale events and staging impressive shows with complex static and dynamic effects.

  • Beam. They form a narrow beam of light with a minimum beam opening angle, projecting it against the background of fog and smoke, accent lighting.
  • Spot. Create a spot of light with clear boundaries, visual effects with gobos and color mixing.
  • Wash. Used for uniform fills with blurry outlines and soft backlighting.